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Star Trek Timeline

Whoopi Goldberg in Star Trek: The Next Generation (1987) as Guinan - TV and movie icon for over 25 years. She is a true veteran to film and movie history.

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Jeri Ryan Gallery What a legacy - to have been such a sex symbol without being naked. Well done.

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Away Mission Art Print

Away Mission Art Print: Star Trek/ The Next Generation/ Deep Space Nine/ Voyager/ Enterprise/ Reboot

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Star Trek Into Darkness---While I don't approve of all the Abrahms changes to "Prime TOS" timeline, I do like Quinto's portrayal of Mr. Spock.

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Can I just say that Karl Urban is AMAZING as Bones? He is totally channeling DeForrest Kelley and I love it!

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Couldn't keep it together at this point. As soon as Scotty says, "you better get down here" the flood gates of my tears open.

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Love this. #1 they did it chronologically by Star Trek time not by air date time. #2 they lined up the reboot cast with their appropriate original casted character. LOVE

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Holy crap, this post. Kirk now knows how important Spock is to him, and he to Spock. Then Khan happens, Dreadnaught is falling, and Kirk REMEMBERS the radiation core, and he can't let that happen again, so he goes himself, and it doesn't matter that he is dying, Kirk dies with a smile on his face because he saved Spock. (Paraphrased from original post because #eff all the effing hashtags) NO.

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A very different timeline that should've probably just been named something else than Star Trek.

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When Zachary Quinto was in American Horror Story he would play the banjo on sets he found rather unsettling, but now does it for fun on Star Trek sets

See the New USS Enterprise in Mind-Blowing Detail

​​The USS Enterprise is getting an upgrade for ​Star Trek Beyond, out July 22.​

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Timelines Celebrates 1st Anniversary with Convergence Day One year ago Disruptor Beam launched an incredibly ambitious project: Star Trek: Timelines. Bringing together ships heroes villains and beloved storylines from all of Star Trek history Star Trek Timelines set out to create the best Star Trek mobile game ever a goal we strive to reach every day. To celebrate our anniversary players are invited to participate in our first Convergence Day celebration marking the beginning of the…