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William (my son) and I are learning to play. Looks like we're in for a bit of fun!

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Star Trek Themed Drinks

What's a Star Trek party without Bloodwine and Warp Core Breaches? Dullsville. But don't worry, help is here. This lens is a collection of all the "Star Trek" drinks I can find. I've got a pretty good collection of beverages to start off with. I...

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“Star Trek: TNG” Toy is Literally for the Next Generation [Pic]

Because it's just never to early to encourage your child's love of sci-fi, and especially of Star Trek! :) [Source: Linda Mooney (Author) on Facebook | V

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Star Trek USS Enterprise in Space Lighted Water Globe

Enterprise fans will love adding this lighted water globe to a carefully curated collection of Star Trek memorabilia. It's the perfect size for a desktop or H x diameterResinImported