Leonard Nimoy's Final Artwork Is One of 50 Pieces of Star Trek Art Going On Tour

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"I can do zat! I can do zat!" - Anton Yelchin Chekov, "Star Trek (2009) <--- You are very welcome to do zat, my dear <3

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News - Paramount Pictures has just released the latest Star Trek Beyond international poster. Check it out at...

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star trek beyond posters | Even More Star Trek Beyond Posters: Kirk & Krall | MyMBuzz

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@Alison Osborn, this is Chekov (or at least, Anton Yelchin) sheltering ducks from the rain. I have a feeling we are meant to be.

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Star Trek TOS Transporter- Made using grey bulletin board paper, black bulletin board paper, gold florist foil, black duct tape, blank address labels, 6 large cardboard pizza rounds, silver spray paint, and 6 LED stick-up lights. This was a fantastic photo op area.

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first teaser trailer for "Star Trek Beyond" released today. Chris is channelling Shatner like nobody's business ... ! :-D

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