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Practice for standardized tests

ways to make standardized test prep more engaging

Help encourage your students to do their best on standardized testing by getting your parents involved! Send home this letter a week before testing asking parents to write an encouraging letter to their child. Let your students open and read their notes before testing begins and help build their confidence. Thanks for downloading this free product! Angelia

3 simple test-taking strategies to help students prepare for standardized tests.

FREE Testing Strategies Bookmarks for StudentsThese bookmarks are great to print for students for standardized test review! The mnemonics include: RELAX (for reading strategies) and CUBES (for math strategies). The strategies are used for taking multiple choice standardized tests. *These bookmarks can be used with an grade level.*Black and white version is also included.Print and laminate for long lasting bookmarks students can use over and over!!!

Standardized Testing Parent Letter (Freebie) & New Games

Standardized Testing Parent Letter -- I especially like handing each student a note from their parent before the test (if any of my students parents forget I will make sure I have an encouraging note for them from me!)

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Love, Teach: 16 Things You Can Do While Actively Monitoring during Standardized Testing (or the next time you’re crazy bored)

Uni Hacks: How To Pull An All Nighter the Right Way Infographic -

Uni Hacks: How To Pull An All Nighter the Right Way Infographic -

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Standardized Test Unit of Study with Vocabulary Study/Task Cards & 19 CCSS

This is a two-week unit of study for both the reading and writing workshops. Included are: * descriptions of all 20 lessons and class chart examp...

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Stress Free Test Prep!

Today's standardized tests are far more demanding than those we took as children. Prepare your students for success with meaningful and engaging work!