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Next Generation Science Standards << Stop Common Core in Michigan - We were told the standards were only for English and Math. Not true, there will be standards for all subjects before they are through.

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"Planning, choice of lessons, and materials are expected to be common to all teachers. 'Data driven' education seeks only conformity, standardization, testing, and a zombie-like adherence to the shallow and generic Common Core. Creativity, academic freedom, and innovation are being stifled in a misguided effort to fix what is not broken in public education. I realize that I am not leaving my profession, in truth, it has left me. It no longer exists," Jerry Conti wrote in his resignation…

Are you looking for resignation letter format for Accounts And Finance. Download from here the standard resignation letter format for accounts and finance professionals.

The time has finally come for you to resign. You might be petrified or beyond excited to finally break the news to your boss, but regardless of your feelings on the matter, it’s good to follow standard procedure: that is, to hand in a formal resignation.You can download this resignation letter as a Word document. Alternatively, copy the text below and paste into your text editing program.If you’re able to work your full notice, then you’ll want to use the following template...

The above job resignation letters give you an idea of the standard formats used in professional communications.

The above are some standard formal resignation letter samples, which can be modified as per the requirement of an employee.