De La Soul - Stakes Is High

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Rogue One was made with characters with real high-stakes. And none of them freaking deserved what happened. DC killed off, what, one of their characters? In a movie called Suicide Squad... OK, sounds about right.

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Herencia Managing Director Graeme Sloan. - - #HER

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De La SOuL: StaKeS Is HigH ♥ this album.. these guys don't get the respect they should Hip Hop Heavyweights in my Opinion.. great beats by Maseo and as ever the flow between Posdnuos and Dave is ridiculous!!

I don't even have the words for the amount of ugly... Ugly shoes These are just disgusting!

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After 14 days of fighting Taliban 'ghosts' the fatigued soldiers of Golf Company finally locate the enemy's command center and square off for the fight of their lives. Cpt. Middendorf leads his team through a successful mission, but there is more work to be done. Only weeks away from returning home, Golf Company is called on for one final mission: take out a narcotics processing center run by the Taliban. Without tank support or backup, the stakes are high.

Team GB's victorious hockey stars: 'Our mantra was simple: Create history and inspire the future'

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