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Lose Weight by Packing Lunch in These BPA-Free Containers

Lose Weight by Packing Lunch in These BPA-Free Containers: If you're headed back to school or are using the start of Fall as a way to get back on the healthy train after a Summer of burgers and ice cream, you'll need a way to pack all those perfectly-portioned lunches and snacks from home.

School Lunch Day 103: Tuna and crackers - and a new lunch box!

This is a simple and quick packed school lunch for just one today - in a brand new stainless steel lunch box that I am super excited about. Is it silly that I get so excited about something like a new lunch container? Well, when you pack four lunches every single day of the school year, having containers you love is a big deal. I have some pretty strict criteria for what makes a lunch container worth buying, so when I came across these I thought it almost seemed too good to be true…


The LunchBots Bento Cinco plastic-free, stainless steel food container with five sections is large enough for you to pack your healthy work lunch to go.



ECOlunchbox Three-In-One stainless steel bento-style lunch box is plastic-free and healthy for people and the planet.


Say Goodbye to Plastic With These Portion-Perfect Stainless Containers

27 Ways To Pack A Better Lunch

Here's a stainless steel one for $24 if you're worried about chemicals from plastic.

LunchBots Cinco Bento Box Stainless Steel Food and Lunch Container - perfect for adult sized meals on the go. #bento


Stainless Steel 20-Oz. Quad Divided Lunch Container

Stainless Steel 20-Oz. Quad Divided Lunch Container #zulily *We have these and love them for the kids and school