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I don't know if I like the brand name being so big, but what a classy fridge 805 157 9 Ash Huang Future Farm Sheila Abraham For smegheads.

Kitchen of the Week: A Culinary Space in Copenhagen by Garde Hvalsøe: Remodelista

Kitchen of the Week: A Culinary Space in Copenhagen by Garde Hvalsøe

We& featured the work of Copenhagen-based Garde Hvalsøe before (they& the fabricators behind Noma star chef René Redzepi& kitchen and the impeccable D

Me sigam também no INSTAGRAM, como KIKAJUNQ O branco é atemporal, leve, elegante e se bem cuidado, capaz de transmitir sensação de paz, tranquilidade, limpeza, além de combinar com tudo!! ✔ Post novo no blog do Le Petit Chouchou

The Most Stylish IKEA Kitchens We've Seen

This stainless steel kitchen is actually a combination of IKEA cabinets and stainless steel cover panels. Utilize brass hardware on stainless steel cabinets for a modern take on industrial design.

Architects' Favorite Kitchen Countertops | Remodelista

10 Favorites: Architects' Budget Kitchen Countertop Picks

"Our favorite budget countertop is a sheet of brushed stainless steel with an exposed, clear-sealed multi-ply plywood edge". Loft Rental Kitchen in LA by Oonagh Ryan Architects