uncharteddivisions.com: J. Devlin NTL 165 Multi Color English Muffle Glass Decorative Night Light (NTL 165) $22.00  [as seen at Stylish Living in Apex, Sept. 2015)

J. Devlin NTL 165 Multi Color Night Light English Muffle Glass Decorative

This versatile glass night light brings instant character to any room with it's six different colors of English Muffle glass. Find more beautiful glass art designs at Uncharted Visions!

Fan Night Light - Delphi Stained Glass Artist Gallery

Stained Glass Fan Night Light This Night light is green & blue youghiosheny glass. Size 4 ½” x Night Light

pinterest stain glass tulips | stain glass night lights

Shabby Chic Victorian Night Lights - LuminaBella Unique Night Lights – Decorative Night Light Art for Adults and Children - USA Hand Made

Rooster Stained Glass Night light

Pre-cut Rooster Night Light Kit - A Bright Idea Pre-Cut Night Light Kits Stained glass night lights will add a warm touch of color to any room.