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Like my favorite song.... it's completely me. I want them to know who I am... but I don't want the world to see it. They wouldn't understand


Staind - "Tangled Up In You" Our first dance song. Wondering if I could play with this on photoshop....


Staind. This will always remind me of someone from my past. And not the one that a particular dumb ass may think.


Staind - Excess Baggage (Live). This was a hidden track and probably the only Staind song I know and like.


Once in a while you will find that one song understands you perfectly - Music Quote


So Far Away by Staind - song lyrics on canvas - gifts for her gifts for him - anniversary - wedding song canvas date and name

So Far Away by Staind song lyrics on canvas by ALLCanvasDreams


Artist: Staind Song: Warm Safe Place Album: Break the Cycle "I never learned to work things out cause in my family all we ever seem to do is shout" In the top 3 of all time greatest songs!


Finally Got to See Aaron Lewis @ San Manuel. Wow I cant believe he play some Staind Songs #aaronlewis #Countrymusic #oldschool #lol by mz.true84 #jonnyexistence #music