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Understanding the 5 stages of Kidney Disease. Are you at risk for CKD?


Stage 5 Kidney Failure on Dialysis Twice a Week: What to Eat, How to Care. Not a joke. The most common complaint after dialysis is a headache. Do you want that for your quality of life? To seriously make a change, visit


Kidney Damage Symptoms are not that difficult to figure out. What is more important is how to cure kidney problems and even more important is that it should be done easily without expensive surgery or any painful methods of kidney failure treatment. It also depends upon the stages of kidney disease, however, which kidney disease stages you are, you still can figure out the Symptoms of Kidney Damage…

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Self-Slavery to Personal Freedom: Break Free

Be aware of hidden disabilities...migraines, mental & emotional illness, fibromyalgia, cancer, thyroid hypothyroid hyperthyroid asthma cystic fibrosis etc...


Nutrition is a key ingredient in how to control you kidney disease and try to live well. Here is a great resource


Just been diagnosed with chronic kidney disease? Have a look on first five stages of Kidney Disease and find out what exactly you need to do. Find some useful facts about kidney disease with this infographic.