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Pasta Life Cycle of a Butterfly Craft Using pasta, children create a life cycle of a butterfly chart. Glue illustrations of the 4 stages of a butterfly on the left side of a paper and then the corresponding pasta pieces directly next to them. It’s a cute activity that really gives the children an understanding of how a caterpillar changes into a butterfly. What you'll need: Yellow construction paper, cut in half Green construction paper Scrap of brown paper for twig Glue, scissors and m...


FREE: The Life Cycle of a Butterfly: Butterfly Metamorphosis. This FREE and dynamic PowerPoint Presentation illustrates and explains all four stages of a butterfly's life cycle. - Stage 1 - Egg - Stage 2 - Larva - Stage 3 - Pupa - Stage 4 - Adult - It begins with a riddle and a brief explanation of what a life cycle is. By Ryan Nygren (photo by Dwight Sipler at


Butterfly Life Cycle Plate Craft

Cute "hands on" activity that allows students to create their own life cycle of a butterfly using common items that visually resemble these stages. This not only incorporates creativity, but also allows them to have a concrete representation to look at.


SC.2.L.16.1: Observe and describe major stages in the life cycles of plants and animals, including beans and butterflies.


The Life Cycle of a Butterfly

A set of printables about the life cycle of a butterfly. Each page is numbered to show the stage of a butterfly’s life, which will help students understand the relevant order. Visit our TpT store for more information and for other classroom display resources by clicking on the provided links.


Skip Counting Coloring Puzzles {SPRING}

I hope you find these SPRING skip counting coloring puzzles to be fun and useful! There are 10 skip counting coloring pages included:1) Boy and girl with flowers (counting by 2's)2) Sun, clouds and butterflies (counting by 2's)3) Stages of a butterfly-- metamorphosis (counting by 3's)4) Boy and duck with umbrellas (counting by 3's)5) Boy under a rainbow (counting by 5's)6) Girl in a garden (counting by 5's)7) Caterpillar in a bed of flowers (counting by 10's)8) Girl planting flowers…


Science: Life cycle of a Butterfly For a lesson plan, the teacher can read a book about life cycles of different insects. The life cycle of a butterfly is easy to interpret by students and it's science. Details about the process can be included. Spotlight on Science pg. 7