when [St. Philip Neri's] body was dissected it was found that two of his ribs had been broken, an event attributed to the expansion of his heart while fervently praying

The incorrupt body of St. Philip in n Santa Maria in Valicella. No bones were ever taken and the only first class relic of him is a flake of skin. His face suffered slightly, was covered with a silver mask, which St. Philip prophesied before his death.

St Philip Neri

Philip Neri “Cheerfulness strengthens the heart and makes us persevere in a good life.

Felipe Neri. Atributos: vestiduras sacerdotales, corazón en llamas que puede estar rodeado de azucenas. Bastón, rosario, mitra o capelo cardenalicio.

May - Memorial of Saint Philip Neri, Priest "We can never arrive in the contemplative life if we do not first exercise ourselves laboriously in the active life.

St.Philip Neri (Apostle of Rome). Patron Saint of Rome and the U.S. Special Forces. His feast day is May 26th

Giovan Francesco Barbieri called "Guercino", Saint Philip Neri, On display at the National Museum of San Marino. Picture by Stefano Bolognini,

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Quote of the Day – July 14 “Never say “What great things saints do!” but “What great things God does in His saints!

St. Philip Neri Novena

Saint Philip Neri, also known as the Apostle of Rome, was an Italian priest in the century. He is noted for founding a society of priests called the Congregation of the Oratory.

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