St Patricks Cathedral by Noel Byrne Dublin, Ireland

St Patricks Cathedral by Noel Byrne Dublin, Ireland Omg. I miss Dublin! It's so very beautiful in person. Can't wait to go back and wonder around looking at all Ireland's gorgeous Cathedrals!

I loved the floors in person.  The Irish people's church seems so much more cheerful with these colorful tiles.  St. Patrick's Cathedral, Dublin

Patrick's Cathedral, Dublin" by David Soanes on - This is the historic St. Patrick's Cathedral, located in Dublin, Ireland.

st. patrick's cathedral

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St Patrick's Cathedral Fifth Avenue New York City, NY 10022 Neighborhood: Midtown Manhattan

St. Patrick's Cathedral, Dublin, Ireland

Patrick's Cathedral, Ireland’s largest church,built in 1191 is one of the biggest tourist attractions in Dublin.

St. Patrick's Cathedral - New York City

Patrick’s Cathedral is located at the avenue in New York City. It is the biggest church in the United States. The Gothic Catholic church is where the archbishop of New York holds its seat

St. Patrick's Cathedral, Dublin

St. Patrick's Cathedral, Dublin

Detail of the cathedral's entrance... Art works... The Pietà, sculpted by William Ordway Partridge, is three times larger than Michelangelo's Pietà. The cathedral's Stations of the Cross won a 1893 artistry prize at Chicago's World's Columbian Exposition. Commemorating his visit to the city in 1979, Pope John Paul II bustis located in the rear of the cathedral.[

File:Detail of the facade of St Patrick's Cathedral in New York City.

St. Patrick's Cathedral - Ireland

Make the Effort to See Dublin's St. Patrick's Cathedral

One of Dublin's three cathedrals (and the largest church in Ireland), St. Patrick's is actually the National Cathedral .