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CELEBRATING ST JOSEPH'S DAY IN SICILY: IT'S ALSO FATHER'S DAY. The Russo family goes all out for their family and friends.

St. Joseph's Day in Chicago: An Italian-American tradition

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Happy Saint Joseph’s Day WHY WE CELEBRATE ST. JOSEPHS DAY Even though St. Joseph played a prominent role in the early life of Jesus, He was not a highly venerated saint in much of Italy until the late middle ages. Today St. Joseph’s Day is celebrated all over the country, but more so in the …

Take home bags for each guest after the St. Joseph's Day feast, containing an orange, a lemon, and a San Giuseppe roll. “The oranges represent sweetness of life, the lemons represent the good and the bad, and the rolls mean you will never go hungry.”

9 Ways to Celebrate St. Joseph's Day

ShareTweet+ 1MailSt. Joseph is a very holy example who, in my opinion, often doesn’t get enough attention. His role in Jesus’ life remained largely ...