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Bernard's Evan doesn't want any small dogs- I think we can agree this one's not "small.

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A St. Bernard chillin out! When ours lays fulllength on the floor, he's as long as the couch. But on the couch he curls up - has to share with the greyhound.

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This kid has the right idea with this St Bernard pup. Yes that is a pup! St Bernards can grow a lot bigger and this baby has an animal that he can ride through the school gates into playgrounds battles when he gets older.

I know, he is not a bernese, but a cousin St. Bernard. I love them, too.

They are gentle giants. Our Heidi was a rescue at 7 mos. She is now 10 and going strong. She is very photogenic with a personality to go along. She makes us laugh everyday! our one was a rescue at age now 7 and still a large puppy.

This cuddly St Bernard clearly thinks it's a lapdog as it tries to lay across its owner on the sofa

Hilarious photos of giant dogs who still think they're puppies

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Saint Bernard among the top 10 largest dog breeds. Why can't mine be full size?