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St Andrews Suspension Bridge, Glasgow Green. Opened in 1855 to replace a ferry conveying workers from Bridgeton and Calton to Hutchesontown.


Dan Jewelers St. Andrew's Christian Cross Pewter Pendant Necklace -


Sterling Silver St. Andrews Cross 37 X 21.25mm - JewelryWeb JewelryWeb. $107.00

St Andrews Cross Spider

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Scottish flag jewelry St Andrews Cross pendant flag of Scotland Saltire gift for Scots gifts of home gift for herself by ThePendantPlanet

William and Kate Middleton first crossed paths in September 2001 in the Scottish city of Fife. The pair started their love story at the University of St Andrews in 2002 and continued to be in each other’s lives after they both graduated in 2005.

St Andrews Cross Spiders • Spider Chart • Venomous or Dangerous?