Ssg katherine and rachael

Ssg means sevensupergirls. <3 Oceane <3 Nicole <3 Kaelyn <3 Jenna <3 Kayla <3 CJ <3 Katherine <3 Rachel <3 jazzy

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Katherine & Rachael's Summer Fashion

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❅JAZZAYYY❅ @jazzyfuzz “Don’t let anyone...Instagram photo | Websta (Webstagram)

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Sevensupergirls! Shoutout for @Serenity Mitchell☁️!!!! For a chance to get a shoutout in my next pin, comment down below your favorite ssg member! And, if you have more than one, than list the ones you love! My favorite is Jenna, Nicole, Jazzy, and Katherine and Rachael! See Ya!

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Katherine and Rachael are my favorite SSG girls! They're so funny, I always laugh so hard when I watch their videos!

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