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Squirrel Monkey Puppet RRP £24.99, sale price £12.50. Offer for limited time only! - GONE

Squirrel monkey skull for sale! The common squirrel monkey (Saimiri sciureus) is a small primate, primarily indigenous to the Amazon basin. Their diet primarily consists of fruit and insects, though they also forage for small vertebrates. This skull...

Daily Paintworks - "Baby Squirrel Monkey" - Original Fine Art for Sale - © Ed Kirwan

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This is a compilation of Weird Animals You Never Know Existed before. This is the first episode of the series Weird Animals. Please leave a like to support me And don't forget to subscribe :D Bumblebee bat - 0:05 Golden snub-nosed monkey - 0:27 Dugong - 1:03 Babirusa : 1:59 Giant Softshell Turtle - 2:57 Star-nosed mole - 3:40 Snub-nosed monkey - 4:22 Connect With Us on -…