Squid Girl! Seriously, it looks like a childrens anime, and it probably is but it was actually really funny so i bought the dvd :)

Sentai Filmworks announced that they acquired the license for the Squid Girl anime franchise for North America on Monday, Oct.

She wants both I guess...but who can resist that cute little smile of hers? :D

I wish all your dreams come true, but keep in mind that nightmares are dreams too, text, quote, Ika Musume;

Squid Girl Teams Up with Splatoon Inkling - Interest - Anime News Network

Splatoon getting free Ika Musume (Squid Girl) collaboration costume - Nintendo Everything

Squid Girl/ Ika Musume - Squid Girl

I was actually working on something else but I kinda got stuck so enjoy this Ika Musume fanart instead de geso~ Ika Musume

Nintendo Switch and Squid Girl from Splatoon  credits to the artist

artist name bangs bike shorts blue eyes blue hair blunt bangs domino mask eyebrows full body handheld game console heterochromia hood hood down hoodie inkling joy-con long hair looking at viewer mask monster girl multicolored hair nintendo nintendo s