The gym doesn't have a sissy squat machine, so we create one using the Smith machine.😉😉 And, to add an extra challenge I held the weight overhead. 😥 KILLER! ✅ FOR MORE FITNESS TIPS , FULL WORKOUT ROUTINES, Q&A , RECIPES AND MUCH MORE SIGN UP TO MY MEMBERSHIP WEBSITE. Link on bio✅ Outfit by @officialbetterbodies Sipping on #QueenFit Pre Workout from @olimp_sport_nutrition #MeloMafia #TeamBetterBodies #TeamOlimp #MelofitEbook PS1- My feet kept front slipping because the flooring of the g...

There are awesome benifits from doing Smith Machine Squats. One major benifit, especially for people with knee issues is that by standing with the feet forward, it takes pressure off the knees. Another benifit comes for those who dont have access to a hack squat machine. Standing with the feet positioned forward makes for an excellent hack squat alternative.

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Smith-Machine Description: A squat assisting workout machine. Think of it as the squat rack that helps you when you don’t have anyone to spot you. Very good machine to use for practicing your squatting form. A go to machine for back strengthening after an injury of sort.

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Sissy Squat Machine There is nothing ‘Sissy’ about a Sissy Squat. This particular style of squat is more difficult than most other forms of squatting. One of the main advantages of Sissy Squats is achieving almost 100% isolation on the quads. For more info visit:

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Packages : Leg Press 45 Degree Hack Squat Machine + 260 Kg Olympic Rubber Plates Pre-Order Sale - Trojan Fitness

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