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Cute idea... good way to get them to learn square roots without them knowing it because they know the numbers under the post its! It is very inexpensive and not at all time consuming to make. The only problem I can think of with this would be the postit notes loosing their ability to stick onto the clock's face.


square root of negative one teach math: algebra 2

1 My kids never quite grasped that to find one side of a square you need to find the square root of the area... I like this for them! :)


This picturerepresents two things 1 which may be a square root of mathematics 2 a root of a tree is malformed and trunk or root forms a caudrado

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Patrik Hansson

The jewellery designed by Swedish silver and goldsmith Patrik Hansson, is as refined and minimalist as possible. It is easy to see Patrik Hansson’s roots in graphic design, an education he undertook before turning to jewellery. Basic geometric shapes like squares, circles and loops are layered and deconstructed precisely. Every detail is thought through, every perspective considered and perfected. So why didn’t he stick to graphic design? He finds inspiration in working with his hands. The…


Square root worksheets: Find the square root of whole numbers, fractions and decimals; Square root charts for teachers and homeschooling


Eriskay is a small island of only three square miles, off the coast of South Uist in the Outer Hebrides in Scotland.


Airplane Method for Factoring. I don't think I was taught this method, at least I don`t remember it...we just had the iterative guess method. Must review!

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Square Root and Cube Root Foldable



Do you understand the concept of a perfect square and a square root? On this animated common core algebra lesson, we explore these concepts visually and in-depth. This lesson is aligned with the common core standards for Algebra and was designed with flipped classroom teachers and visual learners in mind! Check out our ever-growing library of lessons and subscribe to our YouTube channel!