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Spy Ware

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Pastel Purple/Lavender Lace Crop Bustier Embellished with Small Pale Pink Flowers and Rose Gold Spikes



Chapel Royal, Hampton Court Palace, Surrey, England.

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Never-before-seen pictures of Britain's first female special agent sho

Overshoes worn by spies to disguise their shoes, used more in the Pacific islands during WWII


St Piran's Cross, Penhale Sands, Cornwall. This 8 ft high cross is the oldest recorded cross in Cornwall. It was already an old landmark when mentioned in AD 960.

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Star Wars Spy Ware Bounty Hunter Watch Official Collectors Cosplay

Star Wars Spy Ware Bounty Hunter Watch Official Collectors Cosplay

This one is made with blue gingham, I just adore the cathedral windows pattern which even looks rich with scraps! There are templates and techniques to sew them by machine- but the joy of the appliqué process by hand is very calming for me .


Sarah Emma Edmond: Civil War Spy in Drag; Solders in her unit called Frank "our woman" because of his feminine mannerisms and his extremely small boot size. However, none of her comrades ever figured out that Frank was really Sarah. Mental Floss: Celebrity or look-alike?This boded well for her spying, where she dressed as a young boy serving in Confederate camps, as an immigrant Irish peddler and, most interestingly, as a woman. In 1863, Sarah caught malaria and deserted the army out of fear…

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Could a Long Dead Character Be Making Their Return on Game of Thrones?

Kaytoo, here he is with Jyn and Cassian in a new still.


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