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Monitor your office or home with this Secret Spy Camera disguised as a fully functional bluetooth speaker. This motion activated hidden camera is a must if you suspect someone is breaking into your home or office when your not there or if you suspect that your mate is not being completely honest with you. This nanny spy cam records in HD. Click the following link now to watch video and get more details: surveillance pinhole camera

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This Wall Hook Spy Cam Might Actually Fool Some People

Disclaimer: If you think putting this MicroSD video camera in your bathroom will yield nudie shots of some hot girl/guy, it won't. You're delusional. Instead, you'll be stuck with unsavory footage of your uncle pinching a loaf.

Night Vision Infrared Spy Cam + Keychain

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74 Secret Agent Tech Gadgets

74 Secret Agent Tech Gadgets - From Spy Camera Belts to Covert Gadget Spy Docks (TOPLIST)

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Now You Can Take Pictures In Odd Angles Using Spy Cam Peek- I

Now You Can Take Pictures In Odd Angles Using Spy Cam Peek- I?ref=pinp nn Taking pictures in compromising angles is extremely difficult. If you’re tired of tilting your phone in weird directions, which is how most people end up dropping their mobile device, you need the Spy Cam Peek-I. Don’t let the name fool you, there are plenty of things you can do...

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Spy Cam Peek-I Peek-I helps you take pictures discreetly. Easily attach Peek-I to the camera of your device. As a periscope Peek-I will reflect the image at a 90° angle.

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HD Night Vision Spy Cam Car Key delivers mind-blowing night vision on your key ring Just $57.99. Incredible

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Sensory: BBC Wildlife Director John Downer & the technology of 'spy-cam' filmmaking