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All The Cakes You Can Make With Just A Box Of Cake Mix And A Bottle Of Soda

In case you're out of certain food items. -- No need for eggs or oil. Just use cake mix and a can of soda. I wonder if this really works?

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Frozen berries, dry cake mix, and 1 can of sprite. 350 for 35 min, yummy cobbler and it's a weight watchers recipe

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Mama's 7up Pound Cake {Grandbaby Cakes Giveaway}

Mama's 7UP Pound Cake recipe - vintage recipe passed down for generations. Cooks low and slow for an amazing cake! One of the easiest and best pounds cakes I've ever made!

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Sprite Pound Cake

A member of my church wanted a pound cake on short notice. All I had was Sprite. So I said to myself," Improvise Baby" "I gotta make it do what it do".

Sprite Cake: Mix one box of strawberry cake mix with a 12-ounce can of Sprite (can use Sprite Zero for a diet version). Cook for 25 to 30 minutes on 350 or until a toothpick comes out clean. Cut into squares. Top with Cool Whip and fresh berries. I'm so doing this for a carry in/reunion.

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Shirley Temple Cupcakes: 1 Cake Mix (cherry chip works best for this flavor), 1 12 oz can of Soda (Sprite), 1 can Whipped Cream

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