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Smart and Effective Lawn Watering Tips

Add a Remote Hose Connection for Easier Watering - 10 Smart and Effective Lawn Watering Tips


Make your own sprinkler hose from old garden hose by piercing holes in a pattern to direct the flow where you want it. Use a hot needle to pierce the hose, and be sure to crimp the end of the hose line. Use "Y" connectors to add more lines. These are available in plastic or brass. Lay the hose on the ground and work it between plantings and along rows as desired. Be sure the hose ends are closed.

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Apex 50-ft. Sprinkler Hose ()

Apex 50-ft. Sprinkler Hose

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24 Fun Toddler Activities for Your Summer Bucket List

Make this for the toddlers? I want to do this for me! Using a sheet, packaging tape and a fan make an air fort for your kids.


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Teds Woodworking Plans Review

Make a Planter that Hides Your Hose. Get the full direction #woodworking

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How Often Should You Water New Grass Seed?

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Snip-n-Drip Soaker Hose Watering System |


Natural Mosquito Spray that works on other bugs as well. The big ingredient is garlic but there is also oil and dish soap. I juice the garlic and mix the juice with the oil, soap and some water attach it to my sprinkler hose and let 'er rip. You have a lawn that smells like pizza for a few days but say goodbye to the nasty critters.

This is a side view of a flower garden built on a garage roof in Kenmore, NY. The owners say it’s easy to water. A sprinkler hose is hidden in the flower bed. The hose extends off the roof and is concealed in the plants growing along the driveway. When it’s time to water, they pull the the hose across the driveway and hook it up to the spigot on the house. When water starts to drip out the pipe, the garden is saturated. They watered the roof garden about once a week this summer.