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The 10 Most Allergy-Inducing Places to Live (and 4 Cool Apps That Will Ease Your Sneezes)

Half of the people I know are wheezing, sneezing messes lately, thanks to all the pollen-y stuff floating around in the air. And I don't even live in one of...

Managing Spring Allergy Symptoms

Managing your spring allergy symptoms can be really difficult, but Ricola can help you sooth your scratchy throat so you can enjoy the outdoors! #RICOLA #SwissHerbs #ad

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The Doctors: Spring Allergy Symptoms & Claritin Antihistamine Review

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8 Natural Remedies for Spring Allergy Relief

8 Natural Remedies for Spring Allergy Relief| Spring has just started and no matter where you live, it’s just a matter of time before Spring allergies invade our lives. There are so many medications on the market claiming to relieve your allergy symptoms, and although they may do so temporarily, it seems like the side affects are not worth it. Try some natural remedies for relieving Spring allergies and congestion. Here are some ideas that may help: #natural #allergies

7 Acupuncture Points To Ease Your Allergies

People with seasonal allergies should know that spring need not be an unavoidable period of suffering. Nor does it require dependence on Claritin or fear of leaving the house without Kleenex. Acupuncture offers tools for both preventing spring allergy symptoms and getting rid of them.

Spring allergy is very common and unpleasant occurrence. Most people love spring time, but that is not the case scenario with people suffering from allergy. There are numerous seasonal allergy symptoms and they mostly occur one after another. Some of the...

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