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wine decor | Get a few different shaped wine bottles, add white spray paint (or ..., - Also any glass item can be coated with glue and then rolled in Epsom salt, wash after the holiday for another purpose, and you can add food coloring to glue to get a pastel color tint.

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24 Clever Things To Do With Wine Glasses

Dip je glas in de schoolbordverf en schrijf je naam erop zo weet iedereen wel glas van jou is en het ziet er super leuk uit

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DIY home decor ideas

Hello Home Design lovers, Here we are to give you the best decoration and home design tips. :) It's not always possible to spend much money in decor projects, so we want to remeber you that DIY projects are a trend, and you can get the best results of it! Since decor objects, to storage or lighting, search and you'll find the best ideas! Today, we'll give you some... Candles Use glasses, teacups, yogurt cups or cans and paint it and use some glitter. You'll get perfect and elegant candle…

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DIY Mercury Glass Centerpiece Vases for your Rustic Chic Wedding

DIY Mercury Glass Centerpiece Vases for your Rustic Chic Wedding: Stop by Goodwill for your vases!


DIY Mercury Glass

DIY Mercury glass mason jars. Looking glass spray paint, equal parts vinegar/water spray bottle. Spray with water mix then add light coat of spray paint. Allow to dry. Use a paper towel to wipe away bubbled areas for completed look.

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DIY Decorative Copper Accessories: Part 1

Comparison of two different copper spray paint finishes for diy home decor projects


Pastel book clock; can buy a black version from Kikkerland and spray paint your favourite colours!

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What Bathroom Tile Trends will you see in 2015

Tiles have been around as a popular decoration for bathrooms for years and they are still as popular as ever; but what sort of tiles should you be thinking of putting up on your walls if you want t...


Fast and Easy Glittering Decorations

There are many ways to dazzle your friends and family this holiday season. This is a very quick and very inexpensive way to add the elegance of  ”shimmer” to your event. Materials: * Empty bottles (wine bottles work well) * Gold Spray paint * Gold Glitter * Spray glue Tools: * Plastic gloves * Plastic tarp * Paper plate Instructions: * Protect your hands from the spray by putting on gloves and lay the tarp to protect your surface. * Spray paint the entire bottle in gold, let dry.

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49 Incredible DIY Pumpkins You've Got to Try This Year

Do it yourself tea light holders...cute for when it gets dark and you are outside during the summer!