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Get the Skinny on Kinesio Taping for Injuries

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Swimming. I have to get back to swimming. Need regular physical activity and swimming is great.

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The nervous system is essential to good health. It transports information to & from every cell within the body. Any misalignments of the spine may lead to this information being either scrambled or in some cases blocked. This in turn may lead to pain, aches, stiffness in joints, disease and a general low well being. Chiropractic care aims to align the spine enabling this system to function at its best promoting well being and optimum health.

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The Better-Sex Workout

Triangle Spine Center, your local Raleigh Chiropractor the Triangle's choice for auto accident injury care, Dr. Cinnamon Claudio are dedicated to providing the most current and effective chiropractic care in Raleigh, NC.

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Spine conditions- great graphic to explain why you want to see a chiropractor! To prevent these from happening!

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Daily Motivation (25 photos)

Were you FULL of excuses this morning (it's too early, it's freezing, I'm already late, I worked out yesterday, I can do it later) and missed a workout? Well, blah blah blah...push past all of them and get to it! There will always be excuses. It's up to y

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Disc Herniation: Best ways to stop aggravating your low back, push your disc back in and stabilization exercises to prevent another disc herniation

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