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25 DIY Handmade Gift Tutorials Part 2

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Creating your own rings, bracelets and pendants from upcycled antique silverware and flatware is an eco-friendly way to highlight your fashion sense. Making jewelry from old spoons requires just a few tools, most of which you can find around your house. Each spoon can produce two pieces of jewelry: a ring or bracelet made from the handle and a...

How to Make Jewelry From Old Spoons

Oxidized Sterling Silver Spoon Ring

Oxidized Sterling Silver Spoon Ring

Metal Material: Sterling Silver Antiqued Finish Adjustable sterling silver ring with swirl motif spoon design. This ring is adjustable/bendable but we find that it best fits ring sizes Made i


Jubilee Silverplate Spoon Ring

At Midnight Jo all of our spoon rings are handmade using actual vintage flatware. This spoon ring was made from a silver plate spoon in the Jubilee pattern by Rogers & International. What a lovely pat

Spoon Ring - DIY Tutorial

Spoon Ring - DIY Tutorial

DIY Spoon Rings: You know what they say... The older the silverware, the more character your ring has... So maybe they don't say that, but who doesn't want one of these treasures.

DIY Spoon Ring

This beautiful silver spoon ring was crafted with care from a vintage silverplate spoon. (Met Rose Silverplate - Pattern MEO1 -

Antique Silver Spoon Ring, Silverware Jewelry, Met Rose by CaliforniaSpoonRings on Etsy

These Silver Spoons Were Elegantly Turned into Initialed Necklaces

Upcycled Silver Spoon Necklaces

I want one! Silverware End Initial Necklace - Silverware Jewelry - Silverware Necklace. Make this pretty please! I'll buy the spoons!