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25 Of The Most Hilarious "SpongeBob" Quotes

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lol! go gary! But I love the old episodes. The new ones, just, aren't, as, good. Especially the new SpongeBob movie, that movie wasn't very good.... in my opinion.

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Lol did everyone like read one thing then look for it read another and look for it and so on cause i did

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"Squidward, do u think the Krusty Krab is haunted? What if they come for me next? I GOTTA GET OUT OF HERE!!!" -Spongebob

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Spongebob- Tom Kenny, Patrick- Bill Fagerbakke, Squidward- Roger Bumpass, Sandy- Carolyn Lawrence, Plankton- Doug Lawrence, Pearl- Lori Alan and Mr Krabs- Clancy Brown.

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