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Splinter In Finger

To remove a pesky splinter or sliver from your finger, coat the area in a layer of white glue! Let the glue dry completely, then peel the dried glue away from your skin. The glue should pull the splinter out as it is removed. Click the link in my profile to read about 9️⃣ other surprising reasons to keep a bottle of white glue on hand!

First aid kit and what seemed the same tin of plaster throughout my childhood. I can still smell it

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Splinter Walnut/Sycamore Bird

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The Joining DetailsFurniture is a pretty saturated market. And then chairs would have to be the white t-shirts of the furniture world. They’re super common and despite the elaborate embellishments and designs that come out, they remain pretty much...

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Sleeping Beauty, 1959. Stunning looking animated feature and the only one Disney released in perfect wide-screen 70mm.

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How To: 9 DIY Ways to Painlessly Remove Splinters from Your Skin

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