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36 Motivational Quotes For Success

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A transforming butterfly is common for tattoos that represent change. To represent change in love or relationships, you could use two butterflies flyi.

I think we can all admit to thinking we’re pretty smart. But how to prove it? Opportunities to prove the efficiency of

Quaquaversal - Just imagine the scrabble score for this one.

St Petersburg, Russia....Seriusly?

St Petersburg, Russia ~ well within the borders of Europe, as the Europe-Asia boundary is the Ural Mountains, approx. 1000 kilometers to this famous city's east.

Star Wars symbols coloring pages | star wars symbol colouring pages

If ever there were the perfect geek tattoo for me, it'd have to be a star wars logo. May the force be with you

Love grandfather clocks, dislike the color (would prefer lighter) and the spire…

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This strange object, photographed during an Apollo mission, has been named the castle by Richard C. Hoagland of The Enterprise Mission. It seems to have a definite structure, like the remnant wall of some ancient building. The bottom looks as if it has rows of support columns, above which is a high spire. Whatever it is, its much brighter than the surrounding landscape. Is it just a trick of light and shadow? A photographic anomaly? Or is it all that remains of some rich Martians get-away re

Strange Things on the Moon

Richard Hoagland titled this "The Castle". It's a photograph of 'lunar debris'. Now of course NASA (freakin' shills, probably all brainwashed zombies of Queen Beryl!) claims it's a "trick of light and shadow" but we know better.