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Spinal Cord Stimulator Implant to help with pain from CRPS - Spinal cord stimulation (also called SCS).

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I had this spinal cord stimulator (SCS) implant done in March, and it has given me back my life! Its like a miracle the way it works. Side effects? Yeah. I can walk again. Hows that for a side effect!!

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Chronic pain patients who look to spinal cord stimulation (SCS) as a possible answer are seeing more choices, and if an industry report is right, there will be more spinal cord stimulation implants...

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Neuroimaging shows that spinal cord stimulation reduces emotional aspect of chronic pain.

Dr. Sean Eastwood was an accountant and computer systems analyst with chronic back pain when in his mid he was first exposed to the techniques that he now uses in clinic.

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This is not my wife but she went thru the same... Trial Spinal cord Stimulator also known as an SCS. The pictures show my experience with the treatment for Complex Regional Pain Syndrome. Image 1-3-4 show the bandages of where the device and wire is inserted into my spinal column and then strapped to the side of my body. The wire leads then connected to a stimulator device and remote. Image 2 is my xray of the wire leads and electrode up my spine. The xray shows the device was placed…

Chiari Malformation/Focular Nodular Hyperplasia/ Spinal Fusion/ Degnerative Disc Disease/ Arthritis/ Osteoarthritis/ Endometriosis/ Uterine Reconstruction/ Spinal Cord Stimulator/ Neuropathy / Chronic Pain

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