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Part 3 #2- Spiderman is another one of Tigres's superhero friends. He is very fun to hang out with because he is funny and creative. Once he built a huge spider web that could hold up to one hundred people and he had a party for Tigres's twenty first birthday there. He was the one who taught her to have fun while saving people's lives and to not forget that she is a human being too. He taught her to see herself as a normal human being with flaws but with a great gift.


Both Gwen Stacy and Lois Lane are guilty of calling out their boyfriends' names at unfortunate moments...but they're still my favorite superheroines ;)


I have a thing for that moment when Spidey frees himself from Venom. Gives me chills. I love it.


There will be dark days ahead of us too and there will be days when you feel alone and that's when hope is needed most. Keep it alive. At this scene I wanted to cry