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Image from A Treatise on Electricity and Magnetism (1873), by James Clark Maxwell


Scottish physicist James Clerk Maxwell: "A Treatise on Electricity and Magnetism," 1873: electricity and magnetism were a single force, govern interactions of + and - charges. Opposite charges attract, like charges repel, with a force inversely proportional to square of their distance. Showed that magnets behave similarly, always have a north and south pole, current in an electric wire generates a magnetic field around wire, and moved within a magnetic field, a current starts flowing in it.


The universe can be thought of as a giant symphony of sound, with each entity represented by a unique underlying numeric property or unique sound. All things are nothing more than an expression of something numeric or harmonic. You can see God in the order and harmony of the Universe. Geometry is God himself. The universe is a musical instrument and everything is connected and vibrating in tune...

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All in us…

All in us... Sacred geometry is a tool that has been used for thousands of years to reach beyond the physical and awaken the divine within. The shapes, patterns and forms that develop from the circle and sphere are harmonic modules that can help attune, empower, uplift and inspire the human condition and open us more to the greater whole. ~ Jonathan Quintin

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Spherical Harmonics, A Surreal Experimental Computer Animation

Spherical Harmonics. Spherical Harmonics is about the strange power of the CGI image. It is a hermetically sealed fantasy, full of digitally...

Joseph Cornell (American, 1903–1972) Untitled, date unknown wood, glass, rubber balls and plaster 14 13/16 x 11 x 2 5/16 inches


White, purple & green planting - front of house & individual house borders

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The Magical Digital Art of Andy Gilmore

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