Desert Spirits in Nevada, shooting from before sunrise “up until the rays shone through the diaphanous fabric”.

Picture of the week: Desert Spirits by Spencer Tunick

Credit: Spencer Tunick Desert Spirits, 2013 C-print mounted between plexi. H: 48 x w: 60 in/h: x w: cm

Spencer Tunick Photography

Spencer Tunick Photography

Artist Spencer Tunick creates and documents installations of hundreds or even thousands of nude volunteers at sites around the world. His next project is a large scale installation at the Dead Sea …

Spencer Tunick: New Mexico 2 (Jemez Valley, SITE Santa Fe) 2001

Pictures of the week: the work of Spencer Tunick

Spencer Tunick: New Mexico 2 (Jemez Valley, SITE Santa Fe) 2001

Naked Installations by Spencer Tunick

Spencer Tunick to Create Large Scale Nude Photo Shoot at Dead Sea

SPENCER TUNICK Dead Sea 15, 2011 Dye coupler on aluminum mounted to Plexiglas Besides nudity in general as I learned reading about Spencer Tunick's work, this piece seems to protest that not all models have to have perfect bodies. I see fat and not so perky beasts on several of the models and they are still beautiful.

Spencer Tunick, Dead Sea 2011 Dye coupler on aluminum mounted to Plexiglas 40 × 50 in × 127 cm© Spencer Tunick

"Individuals en masse", le projet fou du new-yorkais Spencer Tunick

Spencer Tunick has become famous for his conceptual nude photographs and installations, taken amongst nature, in museums or theatres, and in front of .

The Naked World of Spencer Tunick - In Focus - The Atlantic

Naked volunteers pose for the US photographer Spencer Tunick on the largest glacier in the Alps, Aletsch glacier, in Switzerland, as part of an environmental campaign about global warming near the mountain resort of Bettmeralp, on August 2007

5. Beach Scene... Spencer Tunick - Maui Little Beach... i love his work. I find the ST has an inspiring perspective on beauty and the human form.

Spencer Tunick ~ photographer Maui 2 (Little Beach) 2009 The naked beach

Spencer Tunick - Times Square NYC 1997. Body art

Times Square: The City's Id, Now and Always. An installation by the artist Spencer Tunick in

SPENCER TUNICK :Ohio 1 (Museum of Contemporary Art Cleveland) 2004.   c-print mounted between plexi  h: 71 x w: 89.25 in / h: 180.34 x w: 226.7 cm

Ohio 1 (Museum of Contemporary Art Cleveland), 2004 Spencer Tunick (American, b.

Hundreds of naked volunteers pose for U.S. photographer Spencer Tunick at San Sebastian’s Kursaal auditorium on April 22, 2006.

Sign Up To Pose Nude At The Republican National Convention

Hundreds of naked volunteers pose for U. photographer Spencer Tunick at San Sebastian’s Kursaal auditorium on April Tunick held the session weeks before the San Sebastian International Contemporary Photography and Video-Art Fair.

"Mexico City 5 (Zócalo, MUCA/UNAM) 2007"

Mass of Humanity, Mexico City - Copyright © Spencer Tunick

Find out more about Spencer Tunick's aim to create a piece of art in which everyone feels comfortable in their own skin...

Spencer Tunick Invites City Of Hull To Get Naked

Venezuela 3 (Caracas Museum of Contemporary Art), by Spencer Tunick. Spencer Tunick is an American photographer best known for organizing large-scale nude shoots. Since 1994 he has photographed over 75 human installations around the world.


Spencer Tunick Photography

American photographer Spencer Tunick takes very conceptual nude bodies photos in nature, in majestic places such as museums or theaters and in cities.

Spencer Tunick, ‘Nude Adrift’, 2002

From Heritage Auctions: Modern & Contemporary Prints & Multiples, Spencer Tunick, Nude Adrift Chromogenic prints in original folio, 9 × 7 i…