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Rifle, repeating, breech loading. Changed the course of the American Civil War.


This original 1860 Colt Army revolver would be a most fine addition to any collection of fine arms. A Colt 44 Cal Revolver dating to the Civil War.

1 Spencer repeating rifles were designed in 1860 and saw some civil war action. The smaller carbine as we see in this illustration, was a popular gun in the early west. The original design was completed by Christopher Spencer

The weapons used during the Civil War included the Napoleon Field Gun, the Minie Ball and the Spencer Repeating Rifle. Pictured: General Daniel Butterfield and his company using a cannon. Butterfield was one of 1,522 recipients of the Medal of Honor during the Civil War.


The 10 guns that defined America: Ex-Navy SEAL sniper Chris Kyle's most important firearms in history revealed in posthumous book

The Spencer repeating rifle put an unheard-of amount of firepower into the hands of the few Union soldiers who wielded them

Cross section of the Spencer Repeating Rifle and 7 round magazine. Invented in 1860 as the first lever action rifle. It could fire up to 30 rounds per minute at much larger distances then a muzzle loading musket, which could only fire 3 rounds per minute with a skilled soldier. [1292 x 712]


Abraham Lincoln (Gregory Peck) tests a Spencer repeating rifle in the movie The Blue and the Gray.


A very rare recovery. This is a nice condition excavated Spencer Repeating Rifle gun tool and Spencer cartridge recovered from private property at "Hoover's Gap" where WILDER'S LIGHTENING BRIGADE armed with these 7-shot repeating Spencer rifles decisively carried the day against Bate's Brigade of Army of Tennessee Confederate Infantry. The volume of fire delivered by the Brigade of Spencer Repeating Rifles led the Confederates to believe that they had encountered a "Division" of Federal…

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Brig. Gen. John Thomas Wilder, famous during the Civil war for his Lightning Brigade and for introducing the Spencer Repeating Rifle to the Union Troops. See Wilder Tower at Chicamauga.