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Freebie Friday- Roll and Spell Printable

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Free spelling activity (for any list

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BUMP! A Spelling Game -- Students usually study for spelling tests by looking over the words and spelling them out loud. Here's a spelling game that gets the whole family involved! What You Need: Paper, Pencil, Small brown paper bag

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35 Spelling Games For Students Of All Ages

A fantastic roundup of fun spelling games that will suit students of all ages.

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Spelling Tic-Tac-Toe One of the 5th graders in the class I intern for showed me that they were doing this and told me how much fun it was! I'm not sure if this was the exact spelling tic-tac-toe they were doing, but I really like this idea

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Free Spelling Game for Grades 1-4 - Use with any word list

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KABOOM! is a fun, engaging game that is a classroom MUST HAVE! It can be used for all subject areas, easily differentiated, and your kids will beg you to play.

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Spelling Games

Here are a few spelling games and math games using repurposed old games you have at home. Create new games for learning with ones you would throw out here!

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