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Roll and Spell Activity: A great way to have kids learn their spelling words. Roll the dice and each number represents a task to perform. -Steve Petersen


Add some humor to spelling practice by using funny voices to spell. Roll and Spell free printable. language! I could have SOOOOOOOOOOOO much fun playing this!! Would be awesome 'whole-group' circle activity, as well as for small-group!


10 Spelling Bee Game Websites That Help Your Children Spell Words Right

Unfortunately, we don't have an in-built spell checker. The brain has to stand in and it only manages to do that after long hours of reading, study and pra

Free spelling activity (for any list

Looking for a free spelling activity? Just write words on cards and print this free spelling game for some colorful practice.


Vocabopoly Game. You can use this in any subject area to help students review vocabulary, terms, stems, etc. This teacher created this game for her ELA classroom so it has ELA names for the properties but any subject area could modify for their own subject.


Spelling Bee Word Game for kids from kindergarten to 6th grade + American English for ESL by Lucerotech LLC

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