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Beautiful vintage baking tins make great junk drawer organizers or jewelry organizers or candy dishes

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Stephanie Alexander, is my saviour. Thanks to her easy pavlova recipe, I’ve finally mastered how to make a mean pav—and now it’s become my specialty. I even make one for the whole fam every christmas. That said, there are a few tips to making it and I’ve made a few tiny tweaks to the recipe over …

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30 Sweet and Tasty Cake Art Design Collection

I saw this beautiful spectacle in Forest Park, Everett, Washington. Anglo teens who witnessed it told me they were so envious of their "Spanish" friends. They knew it was not a wedding, but a "Quinceanera," or fifteenth birthday celebration for...

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Here is a handy business tool that you can use if you run a bakery or sell cakes out of your home. This cake contract template will help you when working with customers on larger sized orders such as wedding cakes. The purpose of the contract is to clearly outline your policies and avoid loss due to customer fraud o

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Sew Crazy: An (Almost) Comprehensive Concise Guide to Sewing Feet

Sewing feet, presser feet. There are so many different types of sewing feet. . .and different names for the same type that it can be overwhelming for a sewing novice, like myself. I decided to comp...

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heart 1 sharing...Cake pricing? If you have ever wondered - just how do I price my cakes - get hints and tips from CakeCoachOnline - best of all they are FREE

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Protect your cake or bakery business from scam artists, customer disputes, and loss! These five disclaimer forms will help you manage large wedding and specialty cake orders that involve outdoor events, customer pickup, dark colors, allergens, and special recipe requests. Click below to access the downlo

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Suzi Witt, owner of Pretty Witty Cakes presents a series of 20 to 30 full tutorials on running your own cake business

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