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Hackers caused power cut in western Ukraine - US

A power cut in western Ukraine was caused by a "spear-phishing" hacker attack, according to the US Department of Homeland Security.

News :FBI WARNING: RISE OF SPEAR PHISHING A rise in targeted spear-phishing attacks has been linked to increase usage of mobile devices for browsing and email access.

"It is extremely concerning that these #attacks involved a commonly used #technique of #spear-phishing,” Deepen Desai, director of security research for Zscaler, said in an email to SC. “The sensitive information of prime interest to some foreign states, makes it very important for organisations like NRC to not only continuously train their employees but also update their training content more frequently. It is also imperative for such organisations to adopt a stronger security policy."

A successful spear-phishing attack by Russian hackers led to sensitive parts of the White House email system being attacked and hackers gaining access to real-time information, including the President�s schedule.