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This pin saddens me because it didn't use to be this way. I mean DC comics has Superman for Pete's sake! He should be a glowing, hopeful beacon of all that is good and just. But somewhere along the way the scrappy and flawed characters of Marvel supplanted that image and now they are the righteous ones while poor DC, lost in their self created muck has lost their way. Also, they have Batman, and the DC Universe is darker than the petty Marvel one.

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Bad to the bone Spawn.....Don't Fuck With Al Simmons or Jim Downing! They can unleash Hell! ; )

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When you find a game you love there is no experience quite like it. Becoming fully immersed in the world can cause you to forget who you are and becoming that character. Diminished conscience of Self feels appropriate here. Not only can you lose track of time, you can lost track of exactly who you are. As I get more into gaming I have become more of a competitor. I always want to win and when I lose I want to know why. If I'm stuck on a difficult spot I won't give up until I've moved past…

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Lestrade's first time babysitting Hamish... Hahah :) *Sherlock would be all over Hamish for the improper grammar. THIS IS EXACTLY RIGHT!!

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