Treo Engineering has designed india’s first Automatic Car Wash System. This car washer does not use any brush to wash the car. The System uses High Pressure Water, Shampoo & Shining Wax. It is controlled by PLC (Programmable Logic Controller) which can control every process of the system such as Spraying Water, Shampoo & Wax in a very short span of time so as to complete the cycle in just 3 minutes. Treo Engineering also manufactures car wash equipments and support tools such as Car lift.

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EXECUTIVE OVERSIGHT: WHAT'S THE OPTIMUM NUMBER OF DIRECT REPORTS? The ideal span of control for any leader is about five people (7 at most). If you have too many people reporting to you, you have no time to dedicate to working on your business rather than simply in it.

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Yes, your definition of Span of Control is wrong. Read why it's wrong and learn how to fix it. For both emergency services AND the private sector.

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Presently opencart development company creates solutions for shopping carts that is being more eye-catchable with good user interface.Most of the time opencart is prefered when there are lots of categories to be included with more no of products as it supports unlimited categories and products.

Moving to the Cloud I've been seeing a lot more companies saying that they are moving their data/resources to 'The Cloud'. I wonder how many executives and board members actually understand what this means? Does anyone really comprehend that this is a relocation of corporate assets to an outside resource beyond the direct span of control of the corporation? It used to be called 'service bureaus' then outsourcing and so on. It is really an abdication of fiduciary responsibility? I've been…

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A registrant may authorize one or more individuals, whether or not located at his or her registered location, to issue orders for Schedule I...

PRISM TL-8100GR Dimmable LED Desk Lamp with Anti-Glaring Filter, Grey. Energy Efficient 10W. LED Lit Knob Dimming Control System. 25 Years of Life Span Under Normal Use. Space Saving Design Folds into Night Light Mode. LG Lumiplas Technology brings Uniform Non-Glare Illumination.

PRISM TL-8200WH Multi-Function Kelvin Changing LED Desk Lamp with Anti-Glaring Filter, White. Energy Efficient 11W. One touch Custom Mood Selectionl Control. 25 Years of Life Span Under Normal Use. Space Saving Design. LG Lumiplas Technology brings Uniform Non-Glare Illumination.

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