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How the Falcon 9 explosion may change SpaceX's launch schedule While it’s still too early to know all the consequences of this morning’s SpaceX explosion, one thing is almost certain: the company’s future launches are likely to be delayed. We don’t know

Space X just had another unfortunate failure; its Falcon 9 rocket headed towards the International Space Station (ISS) appears to have disintegrated approximately 2 minutes into its launch at 10:21…

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Commercial space company SpaceX is delaying the launch of a new cargo capsule to the international space station because of software issues, officials said Wednesday. Already three months behind its initial schedule, the launch of the company’s Dragon spacecraft had been set for this coming Monday, but the company and NASA are continuing to test and verify the software, said SpaceX spokeswoman Kirstin Brost Grantham.

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Artist's concept of the new SpaceX Dragon, which may one day fly from Brownsville, Texas (...

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The SpaceX Falcon 9 rocket returns to the skies this month SpaceX is tentatively planning its next Falcon 9 rocket launch for December 19th at Cape Canaveral Florida following a static fire on December 16th. SpaceX CEO Elon Musk tweeted the news today writing "Aiming for Falcon rocket static fire at Cape Canaveral on the 16th and launch about three days later." This should be a ground landing following the company's previous attempts to land its rockets on an ocean platform which is a truly…

SpaceX targets February 18 for Dragon resupply mission to ISS SpaceX has a new date for its next launch February 18 when its hoping to make its first launch from NASAs Kennedy Space Center at pad LC-39A. The first launch from the Florida facility was originally set for January 29 and was set to be a mission to deliver a commercial EchoStar satellite into orbit but that was pushed back to a target of the end of February when SpaceX decided to launch its CRS-10 resupply mission with its…

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