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15 Stephen Hawking Quotes That Will Change Your Life #refinery29 He added this to his speech to the Cambridge grads....

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(When they're doing all their dates in the beginning, doesn't know yet) (knows about her love of Shakespeare and stargazing) "Maybe... Maybe I belong among the stars" Do you now? (Smirking to hide something else that crosses his eyes) "Shut up, it's theoretical" You and your theories "I just mean... My dad never fit in anywhere, and besides with Gemi and Leo, neither do I. I just feel like everyone is either going in slow motion or too fast for me; like I can't keep up. Except for you, whic

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Nooo, let's spend another century arguing over whose imaginary friend is better!

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David Bowie Lyrics Quote Poster ~Space Oddity~

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..and in the end I seek You out amongst the stars. The space dust of me will whisper 'I love You' ..into the infinity of the Universe

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