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Alex Ross painted the covers for the six issue Space Ghost miniseries that DC Comics published a while back. The interiors were Illustrated by Ariel Olivetti, and it was Scripted by Joe Kelly.

Space Ghost - I used to watch Space Ghost in my childhood Saturday cartoon line…

"Space Ghost" by Ryan Lang / Los Angeles, United States (almost put this one in "Cool Animation" since he was in a couple of animated series, but it feels better here)

Future Quest Trade Paperback with Space Ghost and Birdman

When the adventurous and inquisitive Jonny Quest and his adoptive brother Hadji make a startling discovery in the swamplands of Florida, they are pulled into an epic struggle between the Space Rangers and a dangerous villain who threatens the galaxy.

Space Ghost

here is a pic of Space Ghost I colored for Jim Taylor Pencils Jim Jim Taylor Inks Jeff Austin Colors Brandy Dixon Space Ghost colors low res