Soybean is a wonder food. It is available in various forms like soy milk, soy paneer (tofu), soy-chunks etc. Soybeans contain many nutrients and thus impart enormous health benefits.

What costs just $2 but has huge nutritional benefits? Dr Oz introduced his next big health superstar: Black Soybeans. Find out why Dr Oz said it has a “Golden Ratio” of nutritional benefits. Black is the new green, according to Dr Oz. Black Soybeans are being praised by nutritionists, and animal studies show many benefits.

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5 BOTTLES DOCTOR RECOMMENDED High Potency Natural Lecithin, Derived From Finest Soybeans, 1200mg, 500 Softgels Total by USPro4U. Save 60 Off!. $30.00. Item Condition: Brand New, sealed. Total Contains: 100 Softgels Each, 500 Total. Manufactory Location: Made in USA. Expiration Date: Two Years From Today. Suggested Retail Price: $14.99 Each, $74.95 Total. Lecithin is a natural edible oil and important nutrient derived from soybeans that offers many health benefits. One such benefit is...

Natto powder, a probiotic powerhouse made from fermented soybeans, is packed with K vitamins essential for bone development and blood circulation. It also provides lecithin, linoleic acid, and fiber for purifying blood and helping digestion. For scientific support:

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