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Ultimate dream home... a big old southern plantation down south, where the trees perfectly shade the porch swing that you sip sweet tea on.

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Is there anything more beautiful than an old Southern plantation home with over-arching oak trees lining the drive and sweet azaleas and dogwoods in bloom? *sigh* {Houmas House Antebellum Plantation Home}

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From Charleston to the bayou of Mississippi, the white castles of the members of the elite planter class are ablaze during summer evenings as ladies in pastel brightly colored skirts sashay around the verandahs and breezeways tucked under the arm of dapper beaus of all ages in this pretty world of cotton and wealth.

Westover Plantation on the James River in Charles City Co., Virginia is an 18th century mansion built in the Georgian style. It was considered the seat of the William Byrd family in Virginia. William Byrd II, the founder of Richmond, was thought to have built the mansion c. 1730. However, recent dendrochronologic testing on boards & planks in the house showed that they dated to the 1750s. The house was thus probably built & first occupied by William Byrd III, not his father. Photo: Rod…

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Southern Gardening

Southern Plantation... Sweet tea on a long portico, enjoying the summer breeze full, smell of wisteria and a rocking chair. It's a MUST do!

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9 Grand Antebellum Homes Rich in History and Stunning Southern Design

Antebellum Homes on Southern Plantations Photos | Architectural Digest

Oak Alley- If I ever play and win the lottery the first thing I would do is build an antebellum style home with a long driveway lined with very large oak trees. Oh..a girl can dream!!

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