Soul eater! Death the kid is me ;P

"Soul Eater" - Soul, Black Star, xD merci Death the Kid le pire c quil perd au final x)

soul x maka from soul eater NOT anime<--- you know, I just realized that it looks like Soul doesn't have red eyes...

soul x maka: soul eater not! He looks so drunk~soul, what wee you doing with your life?

I might sound really stupid right now because I don't know if this is a scene from an anime episode or just made up, but either way, it's just hilarious! :D

Poor Soul~ I saw a comic like that and had to draw it in a Soul Eater version. 2 hours maybe, so it's nothing spec. Say Daddy - Soul Eater

Four levels of cheating: Level 1 - Terrible Level 2 - Teacher's shadow Level 3 - Ninja Level 4 - Soul Evans

Remeber there's different levels of cheating amateur intermediate and expert LOL right Soul Eater Evans>>> you forgot level SOUL CHEATER